Employment with MSS Security is open to all applicants who have the appropriate skills, qualifications and abilities to perform the role and properly service our clients’ needs.


If unqualified and interested in working for MSS Security the MSS Security Scholarship program is a significant training to employment pathway designed to meet the growing needs of new security professionals in the industry. This unique program offers pathway to employment with MSS Security Australia’s leading provider of security services. If a person can fulfil the necessary criteria, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability or sexuality, we will welcome them to MSS Security. A diverse workforce creates competitive advantage and maximises the talent, potential and contribution of all MSS Security’s employees.

To maintain our diverse workforce, MSS Security has established a culture of respect and inclusion for all. It is best summed up in our Code of Ethics: “We are committed to providing our employees with a workplace that is free from known safety and health hazards, and a work environment free from discrimination, harassment or personal behaviour not conductive to a productive work climate.”

This commitment is furthered by our Cultural Awareness and Diversity in the Workplace training course that all employees must complete at induction and as an annual refresher.

The course stresses the need for all employees to interact sensitively and communicate effectively with everyone in the workplace. It incorporates:

  • Communication skills
  • Overcoming the barriers to a diverse workplace
  • Interacting effectively with different cultures
  • The relevance of discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • A section on reporting and resolution of grievances

MSS Security is committed to complying with the letter and spirit of the relevant Commonwealth, state and territory equal employment opportunity legislation by using non-discriminatory management practices and policies, and we require all employees and contractors to treat each other with respect, fairness and courtesy in the workplace. Any employee who breaches this policy is subject to disciplinary action, which may result in their employment being terminated.

Women and Indigenous Australian’s are two communities that MSS Security is actively trying to attract, and we have worked hard to make our workplaces more appealing to them.


MSS Security Group is actively working towards a gender-balanced future. One of the biggest challenges we face is attracting women to our industry with the public’s perception of what security guards and specialised fire rescue and mining personnel do. The face and nature of the security and medical and emergency industry is shifting and is now offering more customer service-based roles suited to women in high-rise and corporate buildings, universities, hospitals, galleries, libraries, airports and maritime locations.


MSS Security furthered its long-standing commitment to Indigenous employment in 2015 by signing the Australian Government’s Employment Parity Initiative (EPI).

Indigenous Traineeship Program

The MSS Indigenous Traineeship Program has been specifically designed to increase training to employment pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. With permanent employment opportunities on offer, this unique program offers a career pathway to employment in the field of security with MSS Security and or Emergency Services with MSS Strategic Medical and Rescue.