MSS Security Group is actively working towards a gender-balanced future. One of the biggest challenges we face is attracting women to our industry with the public’s perception of what security guards and specialised fire rescue and mining personnel do. The face and nature of the security and medical and emergency industry is shifting and is now offering more customer service-based roles suited to women in high-rise and corporate buildings, universities, hospitals, galleries, libraries, airports and maritime locations.


This changing need has allowed MSS Security to diversify and broaden its workforce to include more women.

MSS Security believes women bring a range of skills, opinions and approaches that add to the skills mix in our business.

If you are a woman with a background in an industry such as retail or hospitality you may already have the customer service ethos our clients are seeking, and MSS Security may be able to help you with training and obtaining the security licence you need to begin a security career.

The women working for MSS Security fulfil a variety of roles, including working at armed sites (carrying a firearm), concierge, events and senior management.

Sites women may find attractive include government departments, corporate and residential buildings, universities, hospitals, galleries, libraries and airports. We can also offer traditional security-type environments, such as gatehouses, mining sites, warehouses, power plants and other industrial locations if they are preferred.

MSS Security is proud to see its number of female employees continue to increase across the business.

We actively promote the benefits of our industry to females who may be interested in working with us and look forward to increasing our current female participation levels further.

Helpful Resources for Female Employees

Women at MSS Security

MSS Security is compliant with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, as per our 2021 compliance assessment by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). WGEA helps employers develop workplace programs that promote equal opportunities for women in the workplace. That includes a range of tools, including pay equality analysis software, case studies, research and publications.

WGEA Letter of Compliance 2023