The MSS Scholarships program is a significant training to employment pathway designed to meet the growing needs of new security professionals in the industry. This unique program offers a pathway to employment with MSS Security, Australia’s leading provider of security services.


The MSS Security Scholarship Program supports over 500 training places per year for persons seeking to join MSS Security’s growing team across Australia.

MSS Security operates through its own registered training organisation RTO: 110044 and in partnership with Asset College RTO: 31718, collectively running Australia-wide supporting suitable individual to kickstart their career in Security.

The following courses are each offered by the respective organisation.

CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations: Issued by RTO 110044 – MSS Security Pty Limited

AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection: Issue by RTO 31718 – Asset Training Australia Pty Ltd

Upon successful completion, participants will obtain their State or Territory Security Licence as required, followed by on-boarding to the MSS Security Team. Completing the Certificate II in Security Operations will support licence-based qualifications and ensures a culture of continual learning development.

MSS Security is proud to have a rich and diverse culture and therefore we call on persons from all walks of life and backgrounds to consider this fantastic opportunity and register your interest to secure your future with a career in security.

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Online Career Information Sessions are held regularly. Click on the link below to register for a session.

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If you are new to the industry and are interested in completing the training and licencing as a part of the MSS Security Scholarship program, please complete an online application.

  • If you are located in South East Queensland, VIC and WA, please complete your application here . As part of your application MSS Security requires you to complete a pre-placement health checklist. Please download the health check list here. Complete the checklist in it’s entirety and upload with your application.
  • If you are located in ACT, SA, NSW, QLD Regional, Defence QLD & NSW, NT, TAS, please complete your application here

Online Career Information Sessions

Online Career Information Sessions are held regularly. Click on the link below to register for a session.