Have you had a good experience with an MSS employee?

As a provider of security personnel, people are MSS Security’s business. They are our point of difference as well as being ambassadors for our brand and that of our clients. As such, we want to celebrate everyone who shines in their role. With the vast majority of MSS Security’s employees working in the field, feedback from clients, fellow employees and the public can be sometimes difficult to obtain, so it is essential that everyone does their part in identifying those staff members whose work deserves to be recognised and rewarded.

AIM: Achieve | Inspire | Motivate is what we like all of our employees to strive for. More so, we want to recognise those that have done an outstanding job in AIMing high, whether it be a performance nomination, an act of kindness, or anything you may witness that shows one of our employees demonstrating our MSS Security values:


  • Upholds the Security Officer Standing Instructions with pride
  • Builds trust by keeping to their commitments
  • Leads by example
  • Respects confidentiality


  • Collaborates with others to get the job done
  • Supports and respects others in word and action
  • Identifies and constructively manages conflict
  • Contributes fairly to a team’s work


  • Consistently professional and dignified when dealing with external or internal clients
  • Takes a positive approach to work
  • Proudly delivers a high-quality service


  • Measures themselves against evolving standards that they meet or exceed
  • Continuously learns and develops
  • Goes the extra mile if necessary
  • Uses time and resources wisely
  • Organises and prioritises their work


  • Enthusiastic about everything they do
  • Work is as natural as play
  • Motivates others through positive energy
  • Pursues work with energy and drive

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

  • Responsible for their own actions
  • Responds positively towards safety goals, ideas, plans and procedures
  • Practices excellent workplace safety & wellbeing attitude and actions
  • Demonstrates a high level of hazard and risk awareness and preventative behaviours
  • Collaboratively works with all relevant co-workers and stakeholders about the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others

Nominations received throughout the year as part of our AIM: Achieve | Inspire | Motivate program, are recognised from an informal “thanks” in person, over the phone or in an email, to more formal gestures, such as:

The most prestigious recognition programs are the “Spirit of MSS / SIS Awards”. These recipients are chosen from business unit nominations and recognise at an international level by MSS Security’s parent company, SIS Limited.