MSS Security is Australia’s leading and most trusted security provider. Currently employing a workforce of over 6,000 employees, we are proud to offer employment opportunities across the national footprint of Australia, from capital cities to regional and remote communities in a diverse range of industries, providing security, medical and emergency services by employees of all backgrounds and diversity. Equal to the diversity of work opportunities, the diversity of the MSS workforce is equally rich, with over 84 languages spoken and still counting. We pride ourselves on nurturing an inclusive, highly engaged and rewarding work environment for all, which in turn provides the highest quality service and performance to our valued clients. Our employees enjoy working with MSS because we:

We are proud to service a client base which includes major national clients to smaller local clients, across all market segments including:

Further, our specialist divisions, MSS Strategic Medical & Rescue and Safety Direct Solutions, deliver industrial medical, emergency response, and fire and rescue services to the mining, natural resources, manufacturing and heavy construction industries.

MSS is always seeking talented and committed people to join our growing organisation. If you don’t have experience specifically in security, medical or emergency services, no problem, have a look at our generous Scholarship Programs where we will train and license you and guarantee* you a permanent position and a rewarding career.

*subject to successfully passing the recruitment process.

If you believe you have what it takes to become an MSS Security team member, please check the list of currently available positions on this website. I encourage you to check back regularly as we are always seeking talented and committed people to join our growing organisation.

Geoff Alcock
Managing Director


The MSS Scholarships program is a significant training to employment pathway designed to meet the growing needs of new security professionals in the industry. This unique program offers a pathway to employment with MSS Security, Australia’s leading provider of security services.