Security Guards

Fully trained, highly visible uniformed security guards who deliver the services in accordance with the client’s requirements. These services include internal and external roving patrols and inspections of client premises to identify any security threats, HSE risks, damage, vandalism or equipment faults.

Control Rooms

MSS Security personnel monitor site security systems, building management systems and closed-circuit television systems (CCTV). These personnel complete specific training, which includes the operation, monitoring and testing of alarm panels, security cameras, monitoring systems and communications.

Access Control

Security guards who ensure the integrity of controlled access points by denying entry of all unauthorised personnel. Key elements include registering visitors, production of access and photo identification cards, conducting identification checks and searches. Comprehensive guidelines are followed for differing security threat levels.

Fire Wardens

MSS Security regularly makes its security guards available to be in emergency response teams, either as chief, deputy or area fire wardens. Additional training or drills are completed following a strict schedule.

Loading Docks

Dedicated security guards for the management of loading dock operations, including coordinating traffic and parking in the loading dock area, managing contractors’ access, and ensuring the integrity of building access point to and from the loading dock area.

Mail Rooms

These specially trained guards receive and scan mail deliveries to ensure they contain no dangerous items, before items are sorted and distributed around a client’s premises.

Personal Protection

VIP protection for specified staff, executives, visiting dignitaries and officials, etc. by experienced and fully trained close personal protection operatives.


Highly skilled and exceptionally trained security screening personnel for applications including aviation screening, maritime screening, events, critical infrastructure sites (high security government buildings, financial institutions, courts and mining and resource sites).