Whistleblower Policy

The MSS Security Group is committed to, and seeks to attain, the highest standards of conduct and ethical behaviour and has a strong values-based culture that promotes accountability, honesty, integrity, openness and legal compliance.

Everyone who works for or with the MSS Security Group has a responsibility to help prevent and disclose instances of suspicious activity or wrongdoing and is encouraged to disclose information where they have reasonable grounds to suspect that the information concerns one or more Disclosable Matter.

The MSS Security Group believes that a transparent whistleblower policy is critical to good risk management and corporate governance and that whistleblowers play an important role in reporting misconduct and other wrongdoing. The Whistleblower Policy encourages the disclosure of Disclosable Matters and to provide Eligible Whistleblowers with better protections when they do. This Policy complies with our legal obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) which gives Eligible Whistleblowers certain legal rights and protections. If anything in this Policy is inconsistent with the Act or other applicable law, the provisions of the Act or other applicable law will prevail over this Policy to the extent of the inconsistency.

The Policy is available on our public website ( and also on our intranet and employee portal.

The objectives of this Policy are to:

  1. encourage the disclosure of Disclosable Matters;
  2. increase transparency in how we handle disclosures of Disclosable Matters under this Policy;
  3. provide better protections for Eligible Whistleblowers;
  4. ensure that disclosures of Disclosable Matters made under this Policy are appropriately investigated and acted on; and
  5. deter any wrongdoing, encourage better compliance with the law and promote a more ethical culture.

To achieve these ends, we will:

  1. ensure you have a safe, transparent, reliable and confidential way of disclosing any Disclosable Matters without fear of Detrimental Conduct against you and will otherwise comply with our obligations relating to the protection of Eligible Whistleblowers in the Act;
  2. investigate disclosures of Disclosable Matters that are made under this Policy promptly, fairly and objectively with due regard for the nature of the alleged disclosure and the rights of the persons involved in the investigation; and
  3. take appropriate remedial or other action where the results of our investigation substantiates an Eligible Whistleblower’s disclosure of a Disclosable Matter.

Disclosure to an Eligible Recipient

Disclosures can be made to any Eligible Recipient but to enable the efficient management and investigation of the Disclosable Matter the MSS Security Group encourages Eligible Disclosers who have reasonable grounds to suspect a Disclosable Matter, to make the disclosure by contacting Emverio Workplace Complaints:

By phone: 1300 454 574 between 7.00 am and 8.00 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays – reduced hours during holiday periods;



Disclosures made to other Eligible Recipients will generally be referred to Emverio Workplace Complaints except there may be circumstances where it may be more appropriate to refer the matter to a relevant regulator or to the police.