Maritime & Logistics

Logistics is about the efficient flow and storage of items. That efficiency includes sound security, to ensure items, from letters to complex equipment, arrive where they should, when they should.

MSS Security’s involvement in logistics security ranges from guardhouse duties, monitoring and recording people, vehicles and their loads, as they enter and leave a client depot, actual inspection and screening of items, through to general site security.

As the global economy increases, more and more items are being sent around the world daily. As a result, MSS Security’s Aviation team has become expert at screening and processing logistics, handling a large proportion of the air freight leaving Australia each year.

MSS Security has become a leader in maritime protection by identifying and researching the key threats associated with the sector, so as to understand the risks and develop a comprehensive plan for mitigating each one.

All our maritime security guards are MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card) cleared. All employees working in this sector have also undertaken Maritime Awareness Security Training (MAST).

Key Logistics Services include:

  • Electronic recording of vehicle and truck registration
  • Record visitor information and provide site directions
  • Random consignment inspection
  • X-ray scanning of parcels at airports
  • Guardhouse duties, including personnel and vehicle access control, and recording of registrations of vehicles/ trailers
  • CCTV and alarm monitoring
  • Site and perimeter fence patrols
  • Transport and warehousing docket management
  • Receiving materials and entering data to the warehousing database
  • Data entry
  • Inventory control
  • Site inductions
  • Vehicle checks
  • Bag checks
  • Traffic control and management
  • Plant and equipment checks
  • Pallet stocktake

Key Maritime Services

  • Access control
  • Water patrols
  • Passenger and baggage screening
  • Bunkering inspections (refuelling)
  • Traffic management
  • Attended services
  • Cyber threats and identity theft
  • Ensuring general staff safety