Education Security

MSS Security is a leader in Australia’s tertiary education sector and offers genuine campus-focused innovations.

We understand these complex environments and the importance of providing staff, students and visitors with a security service that protects assets, infrastructure and reputation, while remaining culturally aware and customer-focused.

MSS Security has been involved with the tertiary education sector since 1998. Our experienced contract management teams and guards approach the challenges associated with campus vulnerability, threats, theft and personal safety with sensitivity. They also identify the unique security requirements of each campus using our security audit program, and implement a tailored security plan to manage and mitigate risk.


  • Security guards
  • Residential guards
  • Access control
  • Concierge / reception services
  • Foot, vehicle and bicycle patrols
  • Special events, including graduation, orientation, social and exams
  • Control room operation
  • Traffic and car park management
  • Attendant services
  • Student transport
  • Emergency planning and response exercises