Energy & Resources Security

The energy and resources sectors often operate in potentially high-risk environments, located in remote areas, which requires MSS Security to think differently about how it supplies security to businesses in this area.

To better service remote locations, MSS Security has established a network of strategically placed regional / remote offices, particularly in Queensland and Western Australia. We also have tested processes for the provision and management of FIFO and DIDO workforces, and manage teams of suitably trained personnel to allow for peaks in demand, and quick and flexible staff deployment.

MSS Security’s experience servicing the energy and resources sectors has emphasised the importance of developing and implementing tailored Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for these sites. These have a particular emphasis on safety, and are customised to each site’s needs and based on extensive client consultation.

MSS Strategic Medical and Rescue is a specialist division of MSS Security that has been developed in response to the high-risk and remote nature of most energy and resources sites. A specialist paramedical, emergency response and rescue division, it provides fully qualified and trained paramedics, emergency response and rescue personnel to the sector.

MSS Strategic Medical and Rescue can also supply specialised Clinical Emergency Response Advisory, Clinical Governance and Medical Consultation Services for our various site-based Occupational First Aid Responders, and Emergency Response and Rescue and Occupational First Aid Training.


  • Access control / contractor / visitor inductions
  • Concierge / gatehouse services
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Speed and traffic management
  • Mine access control
  • Vehicle and foot patrols
  • Vehicle compliance
  • Vehicle escorts
  • Key control
  • Site evacuation
  • Perimeter checks
  • Incident reporting and logging
  • Specialised recruitment and training for each sector
  • Emergency response