MSS Security Updates

August 12th, 2015

Workplace Giving Program’s 1st Anniversary

The MSS Security Workplace Giving Program is a year old.

In the program’s first year, MSS Security and our employees have donated more than $30,000 to our chosen charities – The Big Issue, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the Black Dog Institute and Alzheimer’s Australia.

Workplace Giving Program 2015 Results

In addition, the company sponsored the Christmas lunch for The Big Issue vendors in Sydney and donated laptops to the Management and Administration team at The Big Issue to help them continue their great work.

Not only has the program allowed MSS Security to demonstrate its support as a business, but we experienced, first hand, the generosity of others in the community. A number of MSS Security employees have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, including volunteers and vendors, by assisting at events such as The Big Issue Vendor Breakfasts.

Messages of thanks

The Big Issue: Your Workplace Giving donations give homeless and marginalised people a hand up, not a hand out, so, from all our vendors in our Street Magazine Enterprise, employees in our Women’s Subscription Enterprise and participants in our Community Street Soccer program, we say THANK YOU!

Royal Flying Doctor Service: By giving to the RFDS, you help the Flying Doctor Service be there for people who live, work and travel in rural and remote Australia. Your donations help to bring the finest care to the furthest corners; we simply couldn’t be there without you.

Your donations are helping us:

• Purchase and medically outfit all RFDS aircraft
• Buy essential medical equipment
• Fund health initiatives that give people in remote Australia access to health specialists.

Black Dog Institute: With the support of MSS Security, through its Workplace Giving, the Black Dog Institute has been able to continue its ground-breaking research into early intervention, treatment and prevention programs for mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and suicide. This includes working towards new treatments, developing eHealth tools for everyone to access, and educating health professionals, young people and the broader community.

Alzheimer’s Australia: Your donations to Alzheimer’s Australia allow us to work together in our communities to support people living with dementia, invest in research strategies to deliver better treatments and explore preventative measures for the future. It also allows us to provide counselling services and public awareness activities.

MSS Security thanks everyone who has supported our journey to provide hope and help to Australians in need.