July 14th, 2023

Visitor Expresses His Gratitude for Two NSW Security Officers

Late last week, two MSS employees based at the Canadian Consulate in NSW received an AIM (achieve, inspire, motivate) certificate based on exceptional high praise and feedback from a visitor on site. Visitor Steve commended both Anthony Borkowsky and Tim Lim for their high standard of professionalism and security punctilio explaining that they showed great care in making him feel welcomed and secure.

Steven went on to continue… “I am of the belief that greatness must be communicated as it is not the normative stance in the world we live in today and therefore for me I can honestly state that Mr Anthony Borkowsky and Mr Tim Lim are not security guards. They are Security Gods!”

At MSS Security, we take pride in knowing our employees are providing a level of security service at the highest existence. Congratulations to both Anthony and Tim for their constant, professionalism and dedication to our clients at the Canadian Consulate, your aim and ability is bestowed unequivocally.