MSS Security Updates

January 13th, 2014

Top End Health

MSS Security is proud to announce we have successfully secured a contract with Royal Darwin Hospital’s Medi Hotel, for services at the Darwin Alcohol Assessment Treatment Service (DAATS).

The Medi Hotel was originally built and provided by the Commonwealth to house remote area patients and their families and is now being used as a mandatory alcohol rehabilitation facility. The Hotel is currently at 50% capacity and has the capability of housing 100 patients from all areas of the Northern Territory.

Our Northern Territory team will be providing 24 hour security and the number of guards will be dependent upon the fluctuating number of patients. Our contract role at DAATS will include general security, CCTV monitoring, concierge services and code responses.

We believe our ongoing commitment to provide active involvement and specialist training programs to be among the key components that have enabled us to continue to grow our healthcare portfolio.

MSS Security is pleased to be providing specialist healthcare services across the country and looks forward to a successful partnership with the Royal Darwin Hospital.