MSS Aviation

July 15th, 2015

The Roadmap to Change (Part 4 of 4)

Over the past few weeks, we have been announcing a number of key initiatives in relation to overall strategic plan for the first half of 2015/2016 of the financial year. Many of these projects have been started since late 2014, after a great deal of planning.

These initiatives are about ‘being the change’ and making the workplace better for everyone. This includes the MSS Security Aviation team at Head Office, which has set itself the goal of implementing changes that will contribute to enhancing client service, supporting staff and driving improvement in overall performance.

MSS Security Aviation has been working with an external provider, Dr. Elyssebeth Leigh, an experienced facilitator of change projects. Together with her colleague, Judith Morrisey, an expert in systems and operational procedures, Dr. Leigh is facilitating the process and providing guidance and support to the team and individual members.

This is neither a simple, or quick process and a 12-month timeline has been set to achieve the first round of changes. A review of progress is planned for August/September 2015.

Change – in the context of this goal is being achieved by addressing questions like these:

  1. Are we doing the best we possibly can (in all components of our work)?
  2. How do we change routines to improve their outcomes?
  3. What else will change as a result of making specific change/s?
  4. How can we prepare for, and adapt to the consequences of each and every change (big and small) as it comes into place?
  5. How will we assess and celebrate accomplishment of stages in achieving the changes we design and implement?

As the project proceeds, we anticipate that MSS Security Aviation will improve the quality of:

At the level of individual responsibility the project is supporting individual team members to contribute to improved performance through:

The fourth and final element is really the foundation of what MSS Security is trying to achieve. Dr. Leigh will be working with MSS Security Aviation for 12 months to help guide the team through the roadmap of change, ensuring all people adapt successfully to the change.

MSS Security Aviation still has a long way to go, but so far are seeing a great deal of change which has translated into positive results, and being acknowledged by clients, customers and the team.

The plan is to announce further strategies later this year, which will see the Aviation team at MSS Security soar into a new frontier of innovation and development, as MSS Security continues to work with global partners and leaders of technology and human interaction.

At MSS Security we continue to seek new ways to provide a ‘virtual center of excellence’ and knowledge sharing work environment, through innovative methods.