MSS Aviation

July 2nd, 2015

The Roadmap to Change (Part 2 of 4)…

Today, MSS Security is proud to announce another great initiative that will complement the newly implemented CASRA solutions forming part of its learning and development strategy.

Last week we announced that MSS Security Aviation had become the first Aviation Security Service Provider to be using the Center for Adaptive Security Research and Applications (CASRA) solutions to help its Aviation Protection Officers through the use of screening technology.

The system is designed to allow officers to continually learn, from a library of 12 million x-ray images, by displaying common images and then requiring the officers to identify any suspicious items. The system is set-up to simulate an x-ray system, which allows officers to respond in a limited time and uses advanced technology to show both correct and incorrect answers. This creates a learning environment and takes away any guess work.

The CASRA solution will help MSS Security recruit, train and assess its people with some of the world’s best screening simulation available in a non-operational environment.

MSS Security Aviation is focusing and investing time and money into the learning and development of its people. A ‘Virtual Centre of Excellence’ is being built which will allow the team to access information through various platforms to increase knowledge and understanding across the industry.

The team has been working diligently to create a strategy that will help to build an environment which promotes a culture of agility and high performance within the workplace.

MSS Security has engaged TP3, a training and documentation company, to assist with the design and development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which will act to further enhance the above strategies.

The business has been working with TP3 for a number of months now and is currently at stage 3 of the project. TP3 have been imbedded in the business to look at our current SOPs and then talk to the subject matter experts who actually do the work, in order to understand the intricacies of the outcome required.

“Consultation with our staff has been paramount to the success of this project and each and every team member has been engaged in the process with TP3 in actively identifying further changes to the SOPs. The project will be completed by mid-2016, with all current SOPs being redeveloped using Information Mapping®”, said Mark Cachia, General Manager Aviation.

TP3 utilises Information Mapping®, a structured written communication methodology which enables organisations to create effective, usable and logically written information that focuses on the requirements of the user.

Information Mapping® provides a systematic approach to the analysis, organisation and presentation of written material which means writers use a common approach to ensure consistency and accuracy across all documentation.

TP3 has worked with some large Australian organisations and is a leader in knowledge and productivity improvements. MSS Security is proud to be working with such a highly recognised organisation for its business transformation.