MSS Aviation

June 25th, 2015

The Roadmap to Change (Part 1 of 4)…

MSS Security Aviation is pleased to announce that this week it has implemented the Center for Adaptive Security Research and Applications (CASRA) solutions for use in its recruitment (pre-employment), training and certification processes.

MSS Security has been working with CASRA to ensure the solutions are used to its optimum level. The package is designed to increase security and facilitation at airports involving people and technology and MSS Security is the first Aviation Security Service Provider in Australia to purchase and use this advanced technology for its Aviation Protection Officers development. We have a strategic implementation plan which will commence with a ‘soft launch’ this week at Moranbah Airport before a rollout across 27 airports that are serviced by MSS Security Aviation.

CASRA was founded in 2008, when it emerged from the Visual Cognition Research Group (VICOREG) of the University of Zurich which was founded by Prof. Adrian Schwaninger in 1999. By combining applied psychology, com¬puter science, and economic analyses, CASRA conducts applied research and develops security solutions in adaptive and interdisciplinary ways. CASRA’s success is documented in about 100 publications, many funded projects, international collaborations and software solutions that have been installed in more than thirty countries at more than 600 airports.

There are three (3) components to the package:

  1. X-Ray ORT will be used for pre-employment abilities and enable MSS Security recruit the right people with the right skills. This technology will allow MSS Security to ascertain whether to not a potential officer has the skills to identify threat items in x-ray images.
  2. X-Ray Tutor is a scientifically based X-ray image interpretation training which is very efficient and effective by using sophisticated individually adaptive algorithms.
  3. X-Ray CAT is a highly reliable, valid and standardized image interpretation test available for different areas of X-ray screening (cabin, cargo, hold and mail screening and is used for instance in Europe within many countries as official certification test.

‘This is a very exciting time for MSS Security, as we look at new ways that increase the power of knowledge and learning. Our new found partnership with CASRA is testament of our commitment and understanding of global tools that will help us deliver the best outcomes for all of our clients,’ says Mark Cachia, General Manager Aviation.

We are doing so much more, that will be announced in the coming weeks which demonstrates our commitment to Australian Aviation Security. These announcement are part of our strategy to build a ‘Virtual Centre of Excellence’, which allows our team to share knowledge and continuously learn from one another through different platforms.