MSS Aviation

April 15th, 2015

The Aviation Team Recruits a New Member

MSS Security would like to announce it has become a proud “parent” of Taronga Zoo’s Asian Elephants based at Dubbo Western Plains Zoo. The idea of adoption was inspired by our Aviation Security team at Dubbo Airport who are in close proximity to the zoo’s location.

Our adoption will provide these endangered species with the ongoing support and development required to maintain their growth as well as the expansion of their enclosures which will help ensure their survival for future generations.

Our support in becoming a “Zoo Parent” will also help Taronga Zoo continue their vital conservation, research and education projects across Australia and the rest of the world.

MSS Security will be acknowledged on the Taronga Zoo online gallery as well as appearing on the Zoo Parent Honour Roll in the grounds of Taronga Zoo, Sydney.  The adoption certificate and photo of one of our lovely elephants (pictured above) will be framed and proudly displayed at Dubbo Airport.

We thank our Aviation team at Dubbo Airport for working with the local community and maintaining MSS Security as a good corporate citizen.