MSS Security Updates

November 13th, 2013

Security and safety at the Showgrounds

We are proud to announce that MSS Security has been reappointed the Brookfield Johnson Controls Contract at the Melbourne Showgrounds for a further five (5) years. An exciting win as we have provided security services at the Royal Melbourne Show for the last seven (7) years.

The Melbourne Showgrounds are home to many of Melbourne’s most popular events, which offer entertainment and enjoyment to a vast number of Victorians, interstate and international visitors. Some of these events include the set of Masterchef, which films onsite throughout the year. Security is of paramount importance in ensuring the safety of visitors and a successful event. Over the last seven (7) years, MSS Security has proven to be the right partner, hence the provision of a further five (5) year appointment. As a result of the new contract scope, our security staff now play a greater role in recording and reporting maintenance issues found. This has proven to be a value added initiative welcomed by our client.

Recognition must be given to our onsite senior security officer, and the commitment of all who were involved in securing the contract.