MSS Security Updates

September 25th, 2019

SA Spirit of SIS Award 2019

Jasmine is another 2019 Spirit of SIS Award winner for being the embodiment of MSS Security’s company values – Integrity, Teamwork, Attitude, Performance and Passion.

Since her commencement with MSS Security in 2008, Jasmine’s work experience has been both diverse and challenging. Representing our business at sites such as The Advertiser Newspaper and ASC AWD Shipbuilder (both in Adelaide), her varied roles have provided an opportunity for her to demonstrate her extensive skill set.

In 2016, Jasmine was selected to join our security team at the Federal Court of Australia. Jasmine’s appointment was a result of her proven customer service skills, excellent presentation and her ability to deal with difficult customers in a firm but professional manner.

Although Jasmine knew that the role of a security officer at the Federal Court of Australia would be very challenging, she was up for the task. Screening up to 500 visitors a day, responding to security and duress alarms and managing safety plans to ensure that vulnerable family members attending Court are safe prior to, during and after their hearing, are all part of an average day.

Jasmine has been commended by the client on several occasions, praising her ability to calm heightened situations in what is often a stressful and traumatic environment. Jasmine also has the ability to communicate in several languages, which allows her to build rapport with a broader range of court participants and provide support in adverse situations.


Jasmine’s dedication to providing outstanding services coupled with her overall enthusiasm and passion for the job means that she is an outstanding example for other security officers on site. Jasmine has assisted in the training of six other female security officers on site and has effectively enabled our business to provide a consistent level of service to the client through her strong and positive attitude.

“Jasmine is a highly respected member of the SA Team and is a committed team player. She has a high regard for our company values. A worthy recipient of an SIS Award.” said Geoff.

Congratulations Jasmine!