MSS Security Updates

September 13th, 2018

R U OK?…

MSS Security will be promoting R U OK? Day from Thursday 13th September 2018 to Thursday 20th September 2018.

R U OK? Day is a National day of action, dedication, support, listening and inspiring others to regularly ask “Are you Ok?” irrespective of background.

Help prevent suicide and improve mental wellness by connecting in a meaningful way with someone to show there are people who care and support them, to stop little problems becoming big ones.

But let’s not stop at just a “once a year promotion”. This year it’s all about turning this concept into an everyday initiative – by realising that these conversations need to happen every day.

We are reaching out to ALL employees to encourage participation in any way you can. We will release resources, give you links to online challenges and help you so when you notice someone who might be struggling – you can start a conversation that could change a life.

Remember, MSS Security has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that can help. The EAP provider is Acacia Connection and they are available to employees and their families.

Username: MSSSecurity

Password: Acacia

Stay Safe & Healthy, The C.A.R.E. Team at MSS Security

R U OK, Mate? Starting the conversation

Starting the conversation is hard. What do you say? Where do you have it? We will be releasing resources throughout the week to help. Conversations need to happen every day.

To help us all be an “Alec”…

Encourage action
Check in

The Facts

Who else can help?

Like you, R U OK? is not equipped to offer crisis intervention or expert counselling, and our website is no substitute for the professional care available from the following organisations:

13 11 14 Call 24/7 for crisis support.
1300 659 467 People at risk of suicide, carers and bereaved.
1800 55 1800 Counselling for young people 5-25 years.
1300 845 745 Counselling service for people suffering grief.