MSS Heath

October 25th, 2013

Physical Intervention Training – Protecting your workforce

As Australia’s leading security company, MSS Security has unrivalled experience in protecting some of the nation’s most high profile sites, including those in the health sector. Many years of experience allows MSS Security to appreciate the diversity within healthcare as well as the unique challenges it provides when recruiting and training security officers. With this understanding, MSS Security ensures that their officers are appropriately selected and adequately trained to deal with varying situations. This process is fundamental to the success of a sustainable workforce.

In keeping with their goal of continuous improvement and quality service, MSS Security has incorporated Maybo®, a physical intervention training programme into their Training Academy. The course ensures that all employees working in high risk areas receive best practice training to identify and reduce risk and influence a safe and positive outcome in a difficult situation.

Maybo® has been particularly relevant in the healthcare sector due to the types of risks faced by health care professionals on a day to day basis.

MSS Security, through its MSS Training Academy – a registered training organisation – established a relationship with Maybo® and now provides customised training in a considered approach to managing and developing safer working practices.

The MSS Training Academy delivers Maybo® training to staff working in all types of healthcare settings. Maybo® assists organisations and their staff to identify causes and reduce frequency of risk in a healthcare environment. The training has been tested and practiced world-wide and is recognised as preventing both physical and psychological injury. The training has enabled MSS Security employees to adopt new physical intervention techniques when working in environments such as hospitals or other healthcare institutions.

MSS Security has invested accordingly in a dedicated Trainer and Assessor, appropriately accredited, to implement the Maybo® training programme. This enables MSS Security to ensure that all employees working in high risk areas receive job specific intervention training.

The success indicators of the programme’s implementation include:

The evident improvement of risk management processes after implementation of the Maybo® physical intervention training programme is a great success to both MSS Security and clients alike.