MSS Security Updates

February 4th, 2019

Our Employment Parity Initiative Reaches 3 Years

It was 2015 when MSS Security first signed the Australian Government’s Employment Parity Initiative (EPI), cementing a business commitment to achieve 6.5% Indigenous employee participation in the workforce by 30 June 2019 – more than double the Australian Government’s 3% parity target. To further our commitment, we have recently revised our objective to a 7.5% Indigenous employment participation rate by 2020.

Our latest employee survey conducted in October 2017 was completed by 80% of MSS Security employees and  showed over 4% indigenous employment participation. Currently we have 205 Indigenous employees with 29% female; all employed since December 2015. In addition, we have 40 candidates who are currently undergoing the screening/training process in preparation for employment from our recruitment partner Ngare Employment Solutions.

In order to continue to work towards this target and increase outcomes, we have kicked off a new national recruitment partnership with Max Employment to support our capability in securing employment for more Indigenous Australians. This arrangement will complement our partnership with Ngare Employment Solutions who have been instrumental to our achievements thus far.

The EPI which aims to increase the number of large Australian companies with workforces that reflect the size of the Indigenous population, seeks to have an additional 20,000 Indigenous people employed by 2020.