Covid-19 Updates

December 2nd, 2021

MSS VIP: time is running out to win $10k!

Thank you to all MSS Security employees who are getting vaccinated and registering in the MSS VIP. Together we are on the right path to making our community safe again.

Last week’s winner of the $1,000 draw was Joseph Maatouk from New South Wales.

MSS Security is providing an extra incentive for its fully vaccinated staff. On New Year’s Eve, we will have the special and final one-off draw of $10,000!

If you have already submitted your Covid-19 VIP form with your immunisation history or digital certificate confirming you have received BOTH vaccinations, you are already in the draws. PLEASE DO NOT send another form.

 Key Details:

Thank you to all MSS Security employees for registering your vaccination certificates. Together we make our country safe again.