Covid-19 Updates

December 9th, 2021

MSS VIP: register to win big!

Thank you to all MSS Security employees who are getting vaccinated and registering in the MSS VIP.

Last week’s winner of the $1,000 draw was Arnold Raharaha from Queensland.

In addition to the regular $1,000 draws for the next three weeks, MSS Security will provide an extra incentive for its fully vaccinated staff. We will have the special and final one-off draw of $10,000! This draw will be held at 9 am on 1 January 2022 and will complete the MSS Vaccination Incentive Program!

If you have already submitted your Covid-19 VIP form with your immunisation history or digital certificate confirming you have received BOTH vaccinations, you are already in the draws. PLEASE DO NOT send another form.

 Key Details:

Thank you to all MSS Security employees for registering your vaccination certificates. Together we make our country safe again.