MSS Security Updates

June 2nd, 2016

MSS Security’s new commitment to Indigenous employment

MSS Security has furthered its commitment to boosting Indigenous employment by signing to the Australian Government’s Employment Parity Initiative (EPI).

The EPI aims to increase the number of large Australian companies with a workforce that reflects the size of the Indigenous population. Specifically, it is seeking to have an additional 20,000 Indigenous people employed by 2020.

Under the EPI, MSS Security has committed to employing another 350 indigenous employees in sustainable work over the next four years. When MSS Security reaches that target, 6.5% of its workforce will be Indigenous – more than double the Federal Government’s 3% parity target.

The EPI was launched in February at Parliament House, Canberra, by the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, and R.K. Sinha, the owner of Security Intelligence Services Group, India, MSS Security’s parent company.

Since the EPI’s launch around 30 Indigenous candidates have been employed by MSS Security or are working through the recruitment process.

Ongoing training and mentoring for Indigenous employees at all levels of the business will be critical to the EPI’s success. However, with commitment from all levels of the company, client support and strong partnerships with Indigenous businesses, MS Security looks forward to achieving its EPI target.

MSS Security’s commitment to Indigenous employment began in 2014 with an employment and training program in Western Australia. It not only doubled Indigenous employment in that state, some contracts achieved 10% Indigenous participation.

In 2015 MSS Security’s work to nurture Indigenous employment was recognised with an Australian Security Industry Award for Excellence.



“Working with MSS Security this past year has opened a lot of doors and improved my customer service skills. As my first security job, MSS Security has been very supportive. It has also allowed me the opportunity to further extend my skills by providing ongoing training.” – Amy



“MSS Security gave me the opportunity to grow from a Security Officer to a Security Emergency Officer. I love my job as an SEO. I feel like I have professionally and personally developed in this challenging positon. MSS Security is a diverse company and all the staff members from colleagues to management are encouraging, supportive and positive.” – Gladys



“I value the opportunity that MSS Security has given me. I was employed as a trainee and have worked at a few different locations throughout my time to date. I find that MSS Security is a flexible employer and you get to work with really great people.” – Daniel