MSS Security Updates

July 3rd, 2015

MSS Security “WOWs” them again…

MSS Security is proud to announce that its team at the Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA) site in Darling Harbour, New South Wales has been presented with a WOW Award for their outstanding customer service.

The WOW Awards program is an awarding body which focuses on customer service excellence and recognition by rewarding staff who deliver exceptional service. The organisation is based in London, UK and accepts nominations from a diverse range of businesses from all over the world.

MSS Security is involved in the WOW Awards program through its contract with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) which is an initiative implemented to drive customer excellence by recognising employees for their performance. In addition to our awards received last year at Freshwater and Docklands, MSS Security has now received a total of six individual employee awards and now one group award at Darling Harbour.

Congratulations to our NSW team for this achievement and specifically to our CBA Security Team members for their outstanding performances.