MSS Security Updates

August 25th, 2014

MSS Security supports indigenous employment

MSS Security is proud to announce its commitment, support and participation with Indigenous employment and training programmes across the country. Over the past couple of months MSS Security has formed relationships with NANA Australia and Karlka Recruiting to assist with the recruitment of Indigenous Security Officers to fill various positions across Western Australia.

NANA Australia and Karlka Recruiting specialise in Indigenous recruitment and aim to build real opportunities for Indigenous Australians. Both organisations engage local communities in order to promote local hire and economic development and to help secure the lives of future generations.

To date the partnership has been extremely successful with MSS Security employing over 10 Indigenous Security Officers and Aboriginal Liaison Officers in metropolitan and FIFO (fly in fly out) sites. In addition to these 10, two have recently been sponsored to complete a Certificate II in Security Operations.

MSS Security was also pleased to be a part of Karlka’s, ‘Making a Real Difference‘ event on the 11th of July 2014 which celebrated Karlka’s launch in Perth, to represent the Nyiyaparli people.

Congratulations and well done to our Western Australian and HR teams for their support and participation.