MSS Security Updates

March 1st, 2023

MSS Security Joins The Big Sell

For more than 26 years The Big Issue has helped Australian experiencing homelessness, marginalisation and disadvantage earn a meaningful income and reconnect with their community. They are best known for The Big Issue magazine, a fortnightly street paper sold by vendors to positively change their lives.

However, since returning from a challenging few years, vendors have been selling under starkly different conditions, and decreased foot traffic has significantly impact their ability to earn money.

During the month of March, MSS Security will be helping to raise funds in The Big Sell. These vital funds will help The Big Issue to keep helping the vendors, help themselves. If MSS Security reaches their fundraising goal, they will have the opportunity to join vendors on the street and experience selling The Big Issue magazine in person! We encourage all staff to visit the MSS Security page and make a donation.

You can visit page here: