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February 9th, 2022

MSS Celebrates Women in Security: Jane Pham

MSS Security is proud to provide a welcoming network for women in the security industry. Traditionally security has been a male-dominated industry, but at MSS, we break this stereotype and create a safe and supportive work environment in which our female staff thrive.

At MSS Security, we love to recognise the valuable and unique individuals within our business. We hope that by sharing the stories of some incredible women, we can inspire and encourage more passionate people to choose security as a fulfilling career path.

Our State Operations Manager for Victoria, Jane Pham, has been with MSS for many years and is someone we are so proud to have on our team. Her expertise, knowledge, and passion play a huge role in the operations of MSS Security.

After spending 10 years in an office job, Jane took the plunge to change careers and started her journey in the security industry. A friend’s recommendation led Jane to complete a security training course and receive her security licence.

With many security opportunities in hospitality venues such as bars, clubs and pubs, Jane’s first taste of the security industry was as a door guard, “which was an eye-opening experience.”

After gaining industry experience, Jane looked for her next exciting opportunity with MSS Security. She received a firearms licence and moved into a position as a site guard at the Reserve Bank of Australia in Collins St. Melbourne.

Jane was then offered a position in the Victorian head office due to her extensive office experience. She assisted with rostering, payroll and the operations team.

“A position became available as the Service Delivery Manager, the person who heads the operations team. I applied and was successful,” she said.

“Within five months, a Business Manager position opened up, and I was promoted to a Business Manager Client Services.”

Jane’s journey wasn’t always easy.

“I had to prove my worth, and I had to prove to myself that I could excel in the job. My interpersonal skills and willingness to learn really helped me excel in that role,” she said.

For two years, Jane was a Business Manager Client Services until the State Operations Manager role became available in 2019.

“I applied and have been the State Operations Manager of Victoria ever since,” she said.

“Even though I moved my way up through the business from a behind-the-desk job to a client-facing role, I still had to prove myself.”

Jane believes that having the experience and success in such a male-dominated industry made her feel empowered.

She describes her role as a roller coaster ride, with every day bringing new challenges, however, she tackles each one head-on

“I’m very proud of what I do, it’s a challenge at times, but I am empowered. I want to use my position, my knowledge, and network within the business to pave the way for the next lot of women who will take my place,” she said.

For women wanting a career change moving into the security industry, Jane’s advice is to say yes to every opportunity you find and do it! You never know where it’s leading you.

We thank Jane for her determination and passion in everything she does at MSS Security. What an inspiration for women wanting to enter the security industry, or individuals wanting a career change and a kickstart into security.

For anyone wanting to enter the security industry, or to find out more about positions, training and scholarships available at MSS Security, please visit