MSS Security Updates

May 13th, 2022


MSS Security is proud to employ many incredible women in varying roles across all facets of the business. We recognise that women in leadership roles are key to the success of breaking the gender stereotype in the security industry.

We asked our own Gemma Eelam, Security Site Supervisor at Channel 7 Docklands, about her journey in the security industry.

Gemma has been working in the security industry for 17 years, she currently undertakes many different roles within MSS. Gemma is our Site Supervisor at the Channel 7 studio in Docklands, but she often works at many major events including the Australian Grand Prix, Australian Open and the Melbourne Cup Carnival. “My role varies for different events, it can be handling anything from admin to operations and logistics,” said Gemma.

Throughout her career Gemma has developed many skills, including strong communication, project management and team leadership. Starting as an evening security guard, Gemma attributes her success to speaking up and learning to utilise her differences.

MSS Security has many fantastic female employees who continue to prove their ability to use effective communication to diffuse heightened situations before physical aggression becomes an issue. Gemma’s exceptional communication skills have been vital in many circumstances.

“Women often offer a different approach to conflict management” Gemma explains. “I was working at a major event and there was an incident involving intoxicated patrons, they skipped the entry line and ran into an army tank. Before police arrived, I was able to act swiftly and get them out calmly. After the situation was cleared, the police said I would make a great police officer because of the way I handled that situation.”

At MSS Security, we recognise the value of women and their unique creativity contributing to better service. “As women, we tend to approach things on the more care and nurture side than the typical rough and tumble,” said Gemma.

“There seems to be a stigma around what a job in security looks like, but it is important for young people wanting to enter the industry to know how many roles there are”. Gemma’s knowledge and understanding of the industry has allowed her to take on multiple roles across a wide range of clients.

For women wanting to pursue a career in security, Gemma’s advice is to just be yourself and ask questions. “If I’ve ever got a question or a concern, any kind of problem at my site or other sites, there’s always someone willing to help out,” said Gemma.

MSS Security would like to give a huge thank you to Gemma for her incredible contribution to the MSS Security team and the whole security  industry. Gemma is a fantastic role model for women wanting to pursue a career in security and leadership.

For anyone wishing to enter the security industry, or to find out more about positions, training, or scholarships available at MSS Security, please visit