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October 18th, 2022

Look After Your Mental Health, Australia

Poor mental health is an ongoing problem for many Australians. October in Australia is dedicated to depleting the stigma surrounding mental health and sharing the significance of this issue. This year’s message is simply “Look after your mental health, Australia.” It’s important to recognise and support the mental health of those around you and be mindful of your own thoughts and feelings.

Find out more: Mental Health Australia | (

The facts:

Who else can help?

The MSS Security website is no substitute for the professional care available from the following organisations:

13 11 14 – Call 24/7 for crisis support

1300 659 467 – people at risk of suicide, carers and bereaved

1800 55 1800 – counselling for young individuals 5 – 25 years

1300 845 745 – counselling service for people suffering grief.