MSS Security Updates

May 20th, 2015

Improving Employees Performance and Knowledge…

MSS Security recently held a three day refresher training program for its Townsville City Council contract employees. The training was tailored specifically for security officers conducting building and mobile patrols and CCTV alarm monitoring at the Riverway and Garbutt Operations Centres.

The purpose of the training was to reinforce the importance of service within the frontline role of a security officer by covering areas in: communication techniques (verbal and non-verbal delivery of non-violent communication), identifying body language by safety observation of self and others, defensive response options by identifying better outcomes, cultural awareness and understanding, rules of engagement, situational and environmental awareness and effective report writing.

Following the session, employees were able to explore effective communication techniques, understand approaches that may trigger mechanisms for aggressive behaviour – and ultimately, how preparedness can minimise the wrong choices being made.

Overall the feedback from all 26 attendees showed a very high level of meeting learner needs. The average score was 4.9/5 with many employees commenting that they would do more of the training in the future. Employees agreed that the training helped to position them to deliver a higher level of service to their customers whilst also motivating them to keep their knowledge current and up to date. Some of the feedback included the following comments:

“I liked that the Trainer asked for our input. The Trainer played actual footage and explained what was wrong and what was right. This was extremely valuable to me.”

“Good to have a confident & experienced Trainer. It would be great if he could do more training for us in future.”

Well done to our QLD Team for continuing to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to the performance and development of employees.