MSS Security Updates

March 25th, 2015

Have you got a story to tell…?

The Australian Security Medals Foundation’s (ASMF) annual security awards are now open for nominations. MSS Security fully supports the ASFM initiative to run these awards that recognise how the security industry contributes to the security and safety of our country.

Each year the ASMF awards two categories of medals; The Australian Security Medal of Valour, which recognises acts of bravery and initiative and The Australian Security Medal, which recognises contribution to security professionalism by providing examples of outstanding citizenship, positive leadership, insights or influence at a strategic management level.

By offering these awards, ASMF honour the heroes in our industry who go beyond the call of duty to benefit others, and provide businesses with a forum for professionals to get together to celebrate these outstanding achievements.

We encourage our security officers, supervisors and managers to identify any personnel who have a story to tell which deserves a nomination and let your manager know so that our Marketing Team can prepare the submission.

Nominations close on the 8th of May and more information can be found by visiting their website;