August 1st, 2023

Happy 15th Birthday MSS Security!

Happy Birthday to us!!

While our history within the security industry stretches to over a century, August 1, 2023, celebrates 15 years since our parent, SIS Group Enterprises acquired MSS Security.

SIS Group Enterprises is a USD 1.3Bn Indian multinational and market leader in Security, Facility Management and Cash Logistics Solutions with operations across India, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. The largest Security Solutions provider, the #1 largest Facility Management Solutions provider and the 2nd largest Cash Logistics Solutions provider in India.

Backed by SIS Group Enterprises, over the past 15 years MSS Security has continued to grow and strengthen its position as Australia’s leading security provider, something we are very proud of.

While we celebrate this milestone, we also wish to recognise and thank our much-valued clients and our fantastic staff, your support and commitment is a big part of MSS Security’s ongoing success.