MSS Security Updates

July 6th, 2015

Employees benefit from Security Risk module…

As part of a recent survey, we asked graduates of the MSS Training Academy to rate which unit of competency they believed was the most valuable in their training. Over two thirds, rated ‘Respond to a Security Risk Situation’ as the most beneficial training module.


This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to carry out a response to a security risk situation.  It requires the ability to identify risks, identify and undertake an appropriate security response, and participate in an evaluation of response activities. This unit has wide application in the security industry and competency requires legal and operational knowledge applicable to relevant sectors of the security industry.


“I found the training of this unit extremely useful. It improved my awareness and confidence when dealing with security risk situations”.

“This unit is very important. I used to have difficulty controlling risky situations on the job however after doing this training I have a better understanding and better skills to give me more confidence going forward. Thank you.”

“As someone that has worked in the industry, this unit is essential. Training like this helps improve an Officer’s ability to control a situation effectively. After this training I realised how important my role as a Security Officers is and how I can contribute to providing a safer environment for the community”.