MSS Security Updates

September 16th, 2019

Employee Recognition reaches new heights…

Congratulations to Stephen (pictured centre) who was awarded ‘Employee of the Month’ for his work and contribution for MSS Security’s Sydney Harbour Bridge contract.

Stephen joined MSS Security in 2017 through our Indigenous Employment Program. “Since joining MSS Security in 2017, Stephen has been trained as a back-up shift supervisor and his performance and attitude on the bridge is something that most should aspire to. Stephen is a very reliable Security Officer and a valued member of the on-site team. Stephen is a very worthy recipient of the Award” said Glenn, Business Manager – Client Services.

The Employee of the Month Award was introduced to recognise and reward individuals who continually perform their duties in a professional manner, demonstrating a strong and reliable work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond their day to day duties.

Well done to Stephen for being such a great role model at the site!