MSS Security Updates

August 1st, 2018

ACT Spirit of SIS Awards 2018

David is a 2018 Spirit of SIS Award winner for being the embodiment of MSS Security’s company values – Integrity, Teamwork, Attitude, Performance and Passion.

The Site Supervisor for the Embassy of the United States Canberra (US Embassy), one of the ACT business’ biggest clients, David has been with MSS Security since 2009.

David’s honesty, integrity, attitude and passion for delivering consistent, high-quality services has been instrumental in the ACT business retaining the US Embassy contract, according to David Cheatham, MSS Security’s General Manager ACT.

“David is extremely passionate about MSS Security and the services we provide. He wears the MSS Security brand with pride and expects the same of his team,” said David Cheatham.

“He is dedicated and committed to his role in the organisation and to the individuals who form his US Embassy team. He congratulates and celebrates individual and team achievements, but is also able to effectively manage performance, conduct, and behavioural issues if they arise. He leads by example and has developed strong relationships with the client, MSS Security management, and his team.”

David dedication and passion extends beyond the US Embassy in the ACT, to support the US Consulates in other states; he has assisted with their training, supervision and resources, to create a consistent national service, which has also required a considerable investment of his own time.

This commitment to creating sound, consistent processes and building strong, positive teams for the US Embassy means David has been able to contribute to MSS Security’s service delivery even when not on duty, such as in late 2017, when he had to take an extended leave period.

“Although he was missed while on leave; due to his hard work, dedication and the processes, policies and site operating procedures he had in place, the team at the Embassy continued to provide the high level security services he would have expected had he been there,” said David Cheatham.

“When David returned from leave, he immediately picked up where he left off with a positive attitude and a passion for the work he does. He is a highly regarded and respected member of the ACT team.”

Congratulations David.

ACT 2018 Spirit of SIS Award winner, David (centre), with David, MSS Security’s Business Manager – Client Services, and David Cheatham, General Manager ACT.