MSS Security furthered its long-standing commitment to Indigenous employment in 2015 by signing the Australian Government’s Employment Parity Initiative (EPI).

Under the agreement, MSS Security has committed to increasing its Indigenous employment rate from its current 2.3% to more than the 6% by the end of 2018/19.

MSS Security has also become a partner in Habitat Security, a joint venture with an Indigenous-owned business, that provides security guarding and associated services. As well as assisting Indigenous communities, it has been created in response to the Australian Government’s drive to open up opportunities for Indigenous-owned businesses as part of its Indigenous Procurement Policy.

Habitat Security provides additional support to Indigenous communities by procuring goods and services from other Indigenous enterprises, for example, printing and stationery services, uniform suppliers and IT equipment: this benefits those enterprises and their broader communities.

MSS Security’s award-winning Indigenous employment program drives the company’s commitment to improve employment opportunities and retention rates for Indigenous candidates. At its core is a partnership with Ngare Employment Solutions, an Indigenous-owned business with a focus on providing sustainable outcomes for Indigenous people by creating employment and training opportunities. Ngare has genuine links to Indigenous communities and the people who live in them, and extensive experience in dealing with the issues that both their clients and candidates face.

Entry-level Indigenous employees at MSS Security receive independent mentor support that allows them to:

  • gain an understanding of workplace culture and company requirements
  • balance family/community and work commitments
  • gain the confidence and skills to effectively communicate with work peers and supervisors
  • address concerns that may arise, either within the workplace or their lives, that could impact the long-term sustainability of their employment

Within our workplaces, MSS Security further promotes opportunities for Indigenous employees by:

  • providing cross-cultural training for all employees
  • identifying recruitment champions to drive the Indigenous employment program
  • promoting flexible work practices and leave provisions to help Indigenous employees meet cultural and family responsibilities, within operational requirements
  • developing ‘Welcome to Country’ guidelines that recognise Indigenous culture and custodianship of country
  • encouraging all employees to participate in events that celebrate Indigenous culture

MSS Security’s commitment to Indigenous recruitment is mutually beneficial. As well as creating opportunities for Indigenous Australians, MSS Security has experienced these benefits:

  • Diversity – our workforce better reflects the communities that MSS Security services, particularly in rural and remote areas
  • Expertise – where cultural sensitivities may affect our ability to expertly manage a variety of situations, we can draw on the cultural knowledge of our Indigenous employees
  • Business Growth – our Indigenous recruitment programs have helped us retain and expand client contacts
  • Government Assistance – Australian Government-sponsored schemes help MSS Security to better design on-site cultural awareness training, provide support to our Indigenous employees and give back to communities

Supply Nation

MSS Security is a proud member of Supply Nation (previously known as AIMSC). This allows us to contribute to the growth and success of certified Indigenous suppliers, and help to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Identifying Indigenous employees

MSS Security recognises that to advance the participation of Indigenous employees we need to more accurately understand the makeup of the workforce. Therefore, we collect data during the onboarding stages of employment and throughout the working relationship to gather feedback about the experiences of Indigenous employees and use this data to tailor and design processes that enhance their employment experience and our relationship.